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The Whiskybase Team has worked hard in recent months to create a big expansion of our website. This is called the Marketplace. Now it's possible to buy and sell whisky from other members of Whiskybase. Whiskybase facilitates this through a secure and user-friendly platform. Have a look at your collection and see if you have bottles you want to say goodbye to. You will be able to sell those bottles in your own mini-shop on the Whiskybase Marketplace. In the mean time keep your eyes open for great offers on the Marketplace. 
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  • 36m
    BeatF added a note to whisky Ballantine's Pure Malt
    Sorry granella2003, but you have copied the wrong comment  to this pure malt NAC! Please taste the bottles first, before you are adding a tasting note!
  • 2h
    Willie JJ added a tasting note to whisky Aberlour 12-year-old
    This stuff is great. I respect Aberlour, but this stuff is much better of similar age and provenance. If ever there was a case for NCF and higher strength this is it.
  • 2h
    Erik Elixer added a tasting note to whisky Yamazaki 18-year-old
    tasted with J J
  • 3h
    Kaltduscher added a tasting note to whisky Glengoyne 10-year-old
  • 3h
    Kaltduscher added a tasting note to whisky Balvenie DoubleWood
  • 3h
    tomy63 added a note to whisky Bowmore 1972 Sa
    couleur or profond, nez expressif, sur les agrumes, les fruits exotiques bien mûrs, cuir, café, toffee, champignons, terre, légère tourbe, le tout très bien fondu par l'OBE.…
  • 3h
    Nase: scharf, hell, Ingwer, Haarspray, zwar auch ein paar Früchte, Birne, aber nicht wirklich weich und gefällig, bessert sich nach ein paar Minuten länger an der Luft.Mund: hi…
  • 3h
    Tom na Gruagaich added a note to whisky Mosstowie 1970 GM
    Nase: süß fruchtig weich, sehr geschmeidig, gefällig, florale Noten, etwas Terpentin und etwas, dass ich "alte Whisky-Note nenne". Man merkt, der ist einfach älter und nicht …
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