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  • 3h
    Alex added a note to whisky Octomore Edition 06.1 / 167
    Hefty peat smoke, big sweetness and some brine. Clean and crisp. Lacks a bit of complexity, due to the youth
  • 6h
  • 7h
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Talisker 25-year-old
    N: First impression are - this is a gooden. Creamy, rich pancake malt with 25 years of slow cask maturation, bingo! Smells like bourbon and sherry casks with oak infused peat smok…
  • 8h
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Balvenie 12-year-old
    'Wonderfully balanced Speysider' N: Youthful spirit offering pineapples, young bananas and 'snowed' apples, custard and fresh wood - its like snapping a young branch in half. Fl…
  • 8h
    GlenSikkes added a note to whisky Bowmore 1998 CA
    Tasting Notes by Cadenhead; Nose; Subtle peat, dry, earthy and damp. Palate; Dry sweetness, some salt and sweet peat rounded  by fruity citrus notes. Finish; Dry burnt embers …
  • 9h
    GlenSikkes added a note to whisky Bowmore 2000 CA
    Tasting Notes by Cadenhead; Nose; Classic Bowmore style - sweet smoke, seaweed, a little bit of tar and a hint of almonds. Palate; Sweet demerara sugar gives way to a coastal sa…
  • 9h
    Georges added a review to whisky Springbank Rundlets & Kilderkins
  • 9h
    GlenSikkes added a note to whisky Hazelburn 2000 CA
    Tasting Notes by Cadenhead; Nose; Rich, buttery, marzipan, floral and fruity with hints of molasses. Palate; Very smooth, again buttery, creamy with hints of pepper and mint. Fi…
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