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  • 2h
    CHIRLO added a review to whisky Caol Ila 1983 HSC
  • 4h
    Corso_theRed added a tasting note to whisky BenRiach Authenticus
    I realize more and more that I am not a peathead. I will continue to give moderate peat and sherry a try, as I really liked Laga DE, but this is simply not my cup of tea. I ackno…
  • 4h
    Corso_theRed added a tasting note to whisky Glen Garioch 1999
    A memorable malt moment for me. Rather unusual and thought-provoking. “How did those flavors and aromas get in here?” It could be me, but if it’s not, then this might be ver…
  • 5h
    GlenSikkes added a note to whisky Chieftain's 1989 IM
    Note by Ian Macleod; The new Cigar malt 2003 is an exeptional malt, selected with the expert help and knowledge of Keir Sword and Stuart Smith from The Sigar Box on the Royal Mi…
  • 6h
    Noface83 added a review to whisky Macallan 1979
  • 6h
    TDMartijn added a note to whisky Millstone 12-year-old
    With the level about half-way the bottle the ‘nose’ has improved a lot. Distinctive sherry notes such as raisins, nuts, chocolate, figs. I like it.
  • 7h
    lauwensm added a review to whisky Macallan 1972 GM
    A great whisky, it was a pleasure to taste it.
  • 15h
    N: Orange/tangerine segments, non-descript floral, faint raspberries/strawberries, some cheap chocolate, lime and grapefruit but a generic yeasty grainy blend in the main and dust…
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