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  • 14m
    HunterRomario added a tasting note to whisky Bailie Nicol Jarvie
    Bohužel ve výsledku jen průměrný blend, vůní mě hodně zaujal, ale v chuti velmi zklamal. Ochutnal jsem jen vzorek dovezený z letošního whiskyfestivalu. Pro jistotu ješ…
  • 3h
    Magnus Hillman added a tasting note to whisky Glen Grant 10-year-old
    It's not bad at all, wish it was bottled at a higher strength. Even at 43% ABV it would have been much more substantial. (Rating interval 79-82)
  • 3h
    MaltMartin added a tasting note to whisky Jefferson's 10-year-old Rye
    A bang-for-your-buck rye whiskey. Gentle, spicy and dangerously drinkable!
  • 3h
    Magnus Hillman added a tasting note to whisky Glenmorangie The Original
    Overall this is a good entry level malt with substantial finish when it comes to flavor rather than length. Amazing nose! quite impressed. (Rating interval 79-83)
  • 3h
    MaltMartin added a tasting note to whisky Imperial 1995 DL
    A typical Imperial profile with toasted oak and vanilla. A tad too bitter to be a stunner though.
  • 3h
    GlenSikkes added a note to whisky Highland Park 12-year-old
    Note by Highland Park; From the most ancient of places in Scotland, the Orkney Islands. Highland Park is sought after by the world's greatest whisky connoisseurs. Highland Park …
  • 6h
    Gronqvist added a tasting note to whisky Springbank 1991 Rum
    Tasted a sample, in September 2014.
  • 6h
    u485tfu added a note to whisky Longmorn 1996 DT
    sweet as Honey with some herbal Notes, very good drinkable Stuff. Winegum, Fruits like Apples and Strawberrys, a Whisky for the Summer. Later a little bit waxy and oily, Hay, Mint,…
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