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  • 44m
    Safran added a tasting note to whisky Glenfarclas 12-year-old
    too pungent and bit monotonic. Lacks of balance. I like Glenfarclas 10 more. Overall, least interesting on their range from 10 to 40 yo. Drinkable, but not special.
  • 7h
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Bunnahabhain XVIII
    ‘A drinkers paradise' N: Sherry meets cocoa butter meets chewy dried fruits meets an old seaside boat yard. Nutty, toasted, oily, dirty, peaty pancakes, creamy vanilla, butter…
  • 7h
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Scapa 1991 McC
    N: Peppery and yeasty with lots of oomph. The bourbon cask influence is unmistakable, Quite Speyside like but this actually shares a fair resemblance to Springbank 18 although now…
  • 7h
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Connemara 40%
    [MoM sample Sept ’14] N: Rubber from sulphur but hopefully not too distracting. Its new arm-band rubber too along with floral malt, passion fruits, peach melba and those Maras…
  • 8h
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Balcones Brimstone
    ‘Bizarre and brilliant' N:  Oily toasted sweetcorn is the unsurprising yet most striking note but theres also a strong waft of old mans socks filling the room which is worryin…
  • 9h
    N: Initially and expectedly, lots of young and wonderfully soft floral notes with pineapple and pears but after a short while theres a peppery, yeasty, sherry, peaty edge that wra…
  • 9h
    Hvdree added a review to whisky Glen Garioch 1990 McC
  • 10h
    KayMeertens added a tasting note to whisky Bowmore 1991 DR
    Prabably the best Bowmore I've ever tasted.
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