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  • 35m
    Xstream added a review to whisky Tamdhu 2005 vW
  • 2h
    The nose is fine: caramel and chocolate (slightly darker components) on the one hand and on the other there are many fruits. If you follow these fruits (quince, apple, little cherr…
  • 6h
    tuntime added a note to whisky Glenglassaugh 1972
    Nuanced, subtle, and complex. Fruitier on the nose, more savory on the palate. Mineral, phenolic, industrial touches on both. Well-balanced and fresh, clean, no off-notes.
  • 9h
    Slick added a note to whisky Blairfindy 1963 BA
    Sherry bomb indeed. A Glenfarclas spirit that aged gracefully. Although the 52.3% volume, DON'T add water to this dram! It's just great the way it is...
  • 12h
    Mob Barley added a review to whisky Glenfiddich 15-year-old
  • 13h
    lolo added a tasting note to whisky Brora 9th Release
    doux et presque sucré
  • 13h
    addyhd added a review to whisky Teeling 21-year-old
    Comes in an expensive wooden package and fancy bottle. Nose is strange but still balanced, taste a tiny little soapy, finish a bit to sour for me. Dont realy know what to think of …
  • 13h
    guerriero82 added a review to whisky Clynelish 1998 HB
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