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  • 11m
    HunterRomario added a tasting note to whisky Benromach 2005 Origins
    Výborná whisky, pěkně vrstevnatá. Kdo hledá umírněnější rašelinu, tak tady je na dobré adrese. Benromach zase nezklamal. Já prostě nechápu všechnu tu honbu za pře…
  • 34m
    T.Norad added a tasting note to whisky Arran Sauternes Cask Finish
  • 4h
    MaltMartin added a tasting note to whisky North Port 1977 CA Brechin
    Typical astrigent and rough-style profile of Cadenhead AC bottles from the end 1990's, beginning of the 2000's.  Good medicine for a bad cold:)
  • 4h
    MaltMartin added a tasting note to whisky Millstone 1999
    I like this Millstone more than the sherried version with teh sam vintage. Can definitely stand the test against single malts from Scotland in the same price range.
  • 7h
    Sometimes it's possible to summarize the characteristics of a whisky in a one-liner: this one is "dates wrapped in smoked bacon" Copyright by my wife.
  • 8h
    Dionysus added a review to whisky Auchroisk 1994 IM
  • 12h
    karlsson60 added a review to whisky Mannochmore 1990
    The nose is simply great and has even improved as the filling level goes down over time. It needs a surprising amount of water, the alcohol seems even stronger than the abv suggest…
  • 15h
    nlsanand added a review to whisky Strathisla 12-year-old
    Lack of body is killing this whisky. Boring and a little spicy (not in a good way).
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