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The Whiskybase Team has worked hard in recent months to create a big expansion of our website. This is called the Marketplace. Now it's possible to buy and sell whisky from other members of Whiskybase. Whiskybase facilitates this through a secure and user-friendly platform. Have a look at your collection and see if you have bottles you want to say goodbye to. You will be able to sell those bottles in your own mini-shop on the Whiskybase Marketplace. In the mean time keep your eyes open for great offers on the Marketplace. 
Take a look in the helpfiles to get started, you find them here.

Just update profile and you are ready to go.
Enjoy the Marketplace!

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  • 21m
    Tastingnotes Serge Valentin. whiskyfun.com. 85 points.┬áImages of Islay 'Eilean a Chuirn Lighthouse' (53.2%, Malts of Scotland, 227 bottles) Four starsThe name of the distillery is…
  • 2h
    Magnus Hillman added a tasting note to whisky Glenlivet 1973 BR
    This is a rock solid cracker of a whisky! The fruit complexity is huge, whisky heaven is close. (Rating interval 90-94)
  • 2h
    Heritage-of-Hugo added a review to whisky Clynelish 1997 WM
  • 2h
    Magnus Hillman added a tasting note to whisky Kavalan Solist
    During the tasting Clydesdales representative was guessing that this whisky was at least six years old. In my honest opinion, it feels much younger. The nose is excellent, really c…
  • 2h
    Igor added a tasting note to whisky Talisker 57┬░ North
    Encompassing, enclosing warmth, but not that regular spicy warmth, - a universal, an intrinsic warming effect sooner.
  • 3h
    Magnus Hillman added a tasting note to whisky Amrut BA Peated
    An impressive dram, great balance. It's almost like a combination of young Caol Ila or Port Charlotte and Ardbeg, I would have guessed a single cask Islay on a blind tasting withou…
  • 3h
    magic_slim added a tasting note to whisky Caperdonich 1972 WD
    Recommended - Caperdonich at its very best.
  • 3h
    Magnus Hillman added a tasting note to whisky Isle of Jura Superstition
    A complex and solid dram. Had it side-by-side with Old Pulteney 12 YO and Toshan Three wood and this one was the clear winner in that contest. (Rating interval 84-87)
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