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The Marketplace has only just been launched and now comes yet another fantastic application on the market; the Whiskybase iPad app. On the iPad app, you can view whiskies, evaluate and add to your collection or wishlist. Of course, the iPad app communicates with this online site so you always have the most current information on your tablet. The iPad app is free, if you want to use all the features of the app, then it costs only 0.89 euro per year. With the iPad app, the Whiskybase is now at your fingertips!

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  • 3h
    nlsanand added a review to whisky Strathisla 12-year-old
    Lack of body is killing this whisky. Boring and a little spicy (not in a good way).
  • 3h
    nlsanand added a review to whisky Teaninich 12-year-old Lb
    Very much a peaty element along with standard heather.highland flavours. Bit of citrus too. Frankly it's that unique peated element that saves an otherwise pedestrian effort. Not a…
  • 4h
    nlsanand added a review to whisky Port Charlotte Scottish Barley
    Smokey on the nose. A real smokey type of peatiness. I just swtiched to glencairn glasses and am really noticing it with this whisky. Little bit of citrus.Taste is citrusy and smok…
  • 5h
    wheatfield added a review to whisky Caol Ila 1974 SV
    Pours a light honey.  Nose is dry and coastal -- sea air, varnish, lemon, medium peat, some tar and rubber.  Something else in there quite interesting, maybe a lemon cake.  Mout…
  • 9h
    Ruud6421 added a review to whisky Bunnahabhain 1986 DT
  • 10h
    Nase: So riecht Whisky ohne alles! Klare Bergluft im Alkoholdunst, Eiche und viel Blumen auf der Wiese. Obendrüber Honigduft. Etwas Wasser später brachte eine - wie ich finde - …
  • 10h
    Ruud6421 added a review to whisky Bunnahabhain 1989 AC
    This is one great whisky
  • 10h
    FineSpirits_butler1 added a note to whisky Ben Nevis 1991 SV
    addition to the review: sometimes it happens that quite a lot of sulphury notes are arising ... then for me its mainly just these notes and i cannot get the other aromas anymor…
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