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  • 13m
    avansele added a review to whisky Arran 12-year-old
  • 55m
  • 9h
    Hvdree added a review to whisky Ledaig 2008 SV
  • 9h
    thijs100 added a tasting note to whisky Glenfarclas 105
    A fine nose, but a little bit weak. The palate is the best part of the Glenfarclas 105, and the finish is decent, albeit a little disappointing.
  • 10h
    Armin Fuchs added a tasting note to whisky Glengoyne 21-year-old
    Very pleasant to drink. Basically good quality. At first it is very rich, but at a certain point there is no more development. The wood components show up more by a general spi…
  • 12h
    ajdedwards added a review to whisky Bunnahabhain 2001 CM
    Banoffee pie in glass sums it up to me.  A very enjoyable and quite surprising dram.
  • 12h
    bigbird11 added a note to whisky Karuizawa Spirit of Asama
    Can get hold of one of these in New Zealand for a decent price...is this something I could start my whisky investment collection (alongside my drinkers of course)? Would appreciate…
  • 14h
    Alex added a note to whisky Isle of Jura Prophecy
    Surprisingly high peat levels in this one well balanced with sweetness (orange lemonade) and wood spices. Good body. Not so complex, but not boring either. High quality whisky.
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