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  • 4h
    Bishlouk added a note to whisky Glen Keith 1992 DD
    Retour sur ce Glen Keith après plusieurs mois d'ouverture de bouteille.Toujours assez alcooleux, poivré, "rentre dedans". Pas assez gourmand ni rond à mon goût pour un Glen Kei…
  • 5h
    Dennis979 added a tasting note to whisky Highland Park 1997 GM
  • 5h
    s_nonjatta added a note to whisky Highland Park 1992 CA
    Specially Selected for Whisky Live Tokyo 2014
  • 6h
    Wham! What a beastly dram! It treats you to everything Islay has to offer. Not even two years ago I would not have finished this glass. Luckily my palate evolved and I enjoyed it!A…
  • 6h
    TastyDram added a tasting note to whisky Peat Chimney 08-year-old Wy
    Peat Chimney is not as peaty as Big Peat or Octomore, the king among peat monsters. The combination of peat smoke and flowers creates a beautiful balanced whisky. And also very acc…
  • 6h
    TastyDram added a tasting note to whisky Strathisla 12-year-old
    This Strathisla is a soft all-rounder and can easily compete with a 12 year old Glenfiddich. The mainly sweet flavours make it ideal company for desserts or coffee.
  • 6h
    TastyDram added a tasting note to whisky Johnnie Walker Red Label
    Johnnie Walker Red label is marketed as a mix drink by Diageo and I suggest you follow that advise. Use it as an appetiser with ice and soda or mix it with Coke (or Pepsi, I'm not …
  • 13h
    jmelm added a note to whisky Highland Park 1989 CM
    For half the price of the 25 year old official bottling of Highland Park: pour yourself a dram of the 18 year old, and add about a teaspoon (5 to 8 mL, depending on the size of you…
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