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  • 8m
    Alex added a note to whisky Glengoyne 1987
    Heavy sherry with massive fruits, very rich and sweet. It's a real fruit bomb, all on red fruits, such as plums, raspberries, cherries, both dried and fresh. Explosive blast of tas…
  • 20m
    gr8scot added a tasting note to whisky Macallan 1988 MP
    bit hot and nippy in the mouth
  • 2h
    Erik Elixer added a tasting note to whisky Benromach 2001
    the color has an orange/pink glow effect  blind tasting
  • 2h
    nice piece of Dutch whisky history (with some OBE)
  • 4h
    gr8scot added a tasting note to whisky Lagavulin 1994 TS
    the 'vanilla' seems to have diminished from the first time that I opened this bottle (still high level so not too much oxygen in there)
  • 5h
    gr8scot added a tasting note to whisky Ben Nevis 1970 AD
    very enjoyable, time in the glass gave me more kola cubes (sweets) and 'spring' notes. Despite the time in a barrel the wood is not dominating at all.
  • 11h
    malt_fan_06 added a note to whisky Bunnahabhain 1990 DR
    Nase: frisch, maritim, Meeresbrise, Seetang, Zitronenschale, Zitronensorbet. Dicht. Ein Hauch Balsamico, etwas krautiges und auch etwas Eiche.Mit Wasser: noch frischer, maritime…
  • 12h
    malt_fan_06 added a note to whisky BenRiach 1990 AD
    Nase: Spürbar alkoholisch, leicht stechend, deutlich Eiche. Dahinter Waldhonig und fruchtige Noten (Birnen, Trauben, Zitrus). Ziemlich verhalten. Später auch etwas blumig. …
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