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  • 2h
    PunxsutawneyPhil added a review to whisky Glenlivet Nàdurra
    This one screams bananas. Then there is vanilla, yellow and fruits green fruits. One of the most fruity whisky's I've have ever drunk. I emptied the bottle in under three months. F…
  • 4h
    checkpointuk added a note to whisky Laphroaig An Cuan Mòr
    http://www.weinkenner.de/2015/laphroaig-an-cuan-mor-triple-wood-und-10yo-cask-strength-batch-6-35597/  Farbe: Blas­ses GoldNase: Zitro­nen­saft, Zucker (viel Zucker), dünne, …
  • 4h
    checkpointuk added a note to whisky Laphroaig Cask Strength
    http://www.weinkenner.de/2015/laphroaig-an-cuan-mor-triple-wood-und-10yo-cask-strength-batch-6-35597/  Farbe: Vol­les GoldNase: Dünne und süße Kon­sis­tenz! Noten von frisc…
  • 4h
    checkpointuk added a note to whisky Laphroaig Triple Wood
    http://www.weinkenner.de/2015/laphroaig-an-cuan-mor-triple-wood-und-10yo-cask-strength-batch-6-35597/  Farbe: Mais­gelbNase: Mit rau­chi­gem Start, tor­fig und wür­zig (zwa…
  • 4h
    Gronqvist added a tasting note to whisky Old Pulteney 17-year-old
  • 5h
    Tabrulavubeg added a note to whisky Caol Ila 1996 SV
    With most Caol Ila bottlings, the good thing and the bad news are one and the same. Which is that there are hardly any surprises. This simply is what-you-see-is-what-you-get stuff.…
  • 5h
    Machiavel added a note to whisky Springbank 1964 AD
    There's a 700 ml version in my collection which has been sold in Europe. Would be nice if someone added this as a variety.
  • 5h
    Gronqvist added a tasting note to whisky Bruichladdich 1991 JM
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